Test Automation Research for Industry Workshop in Stockholm

TESTOMAT, STAMP, XIVT & Software Center are organising in Stockholm a one-day workshop with leading researchers in test automation. They're sharing their work to help businesses reach the next level of test automation. This unique event consists of presentations as well as showcasing tools with topics covering latest research in test automation.
It is an opportunity for industry representatives and experts to collaborate with researchers and to discuss how the latest test automation research can transform the current costlier and less effective way of testing.

The workshop is taking place 11 April 2019, from 8:30AM to 4:00PM at
Ericsson Group HQ
Building 21 Torshamngatan
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

Talk: Software Testing Amplification in DevOps
Speaker: Benoit Baudry, KTH and STAMP Project

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