EclipseCon 2019, Ludwigsburg, Germany


EclipseCon Europe 2019
Date: October 21-24
Place: Ludwigsburg, Germany

The STAMP Project will be presented by Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO, at EclipseCon Europe 2019, October 21-24 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In the Research area of this event, two EU-funded H2020 projects will showcased:
- ReachOut

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At EclipseCon Europe 2019, Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO answered to the questions about DevOps software testing asked by Marco Jahn, Eclipse Foundation Europe Research Project Manager. An opportunity to explain the role of each of the four main tools designd by the STAMP project, now available in beta-test.

About EclipseCon Europe

EclipseCon Europe is the Eclipse Foundation’s primary European event designed to create opportunities for the European Eclipse community to learn, explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse and its member companies. EclipseCon is all about community. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumers and business and research organizations gather to share their expertise and learn from each other. EclipseCon delivers networking opportunities that lead to synergies in the community, as well as opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues or to generate business opportunities.

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