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DSPOT and DESCARTES are both STAMP open source unit testing software designed to detect more bugs in your java applications.
Enjoy a new experience: amplify your testing efforts! Join the beta testing campaign download STAMP software packaged in one single VM.

Alternatively, you can try all STAMP tools individually through the links below. Don't forget to tell us what you think by filling the feedback form.

The STAMP project leverages advanced research in automatic test generation through innovative methods of test amplification. STAMP stands for "Software Testing AMPlification". STAMP acts along your CI/CD pipeline, reducing errors and eliminating failures while you design, configure and deploy new services to production. 

Testing Tools

DSpotAutomatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification) .DSpot DocGithub
DSpot Eclipse PluginIntegration into Eclipse Starting guide Github
DescartesA PITest plugin to get more actionable and faster mutation analysis results.Descartes DocGithub
CAMPConfiguration amplification based on Docker.CAMP DocGithub
EvoCrashA search-based approach to automated crash reproduction from a java stack traceEvoCrash DocGithub

STAMP Scripts

PitMPA Maven plugin to handle multi module projects for PiTestPitMP DocGithub
Jenkins pipeline: ScreenshotsA jenkins pipeline script to automatically attach failing test screenshots to jenkins test page report.Blog PostBlog Post

Find more (docs, examples, experiments) in STAMP GitHub github_logo.png