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STAMP stands for "Software Testing AMPlification" and acts along your CI/CD pipeline. The project leverages advanced research in automatic test generation through innovative methods of test amplification. The open source tools reduce errors and eliminate failures while you design, configure and deploy new services to production.

You can try all STAMP tools individually through the links below. Several of the features currently offered came directly from your feedback. For a chance to receive a “STAMP Software Test Pilot” gift and to join the STAMP contributor list, please tell us what you would like to see in the next release, provide your Ideas and Suggestions


Main STAMP Testing Tools



Automatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification) . DSpot Doc Github


A PITest plugin to get more actionable and faster mutation analysis results. Descartes Doc  Github


Configuration amplification based on Docker. CAMP Doc Github


A Java framework for crash reproduction relying on
EvoSuite for code instrumentation
 Botsing Doc Github

More STAMP Software

STAMP IDEDSpot Eclipse plugin Starting guide Github
STAMP IDEDescartes Eclipse plugin Starting guide Github
STAMP IDEBotsing within Eclipse  Starting guide Github
DSpot Jenkins pluginA Jenkins plugin to execute DSpot within a Jenkins freestyle job.
Amplified test cases are stored in the specified folder within the workspace
 Starting guide Github
Descartes Jenkins pluginA Jenkins plugin able to show detailed reports and trend report
about Descartes execution in a Jenkins freestyle job.
 Starting guide Github
PitMPA Maven plugin to handle multi module projects for PiTest PitMP Doc Github
Botsing Maven pluginThis Maven plugin lets you run Botsing inside your Maven project BootsingMP Doc Github
Jenkins pipeline:
A jenkins pipeline script to automatically attach failing test screenshots to
jenkins test page report.
  Blog Post
Descartes and DSpot demo
applied to OW2 Joram
OW2 Joram is a JMS-compatible message-oriented middleware.
Using Descartes and this new Gitlab issue generator extension for Descartes,
the Joram team found and solved a critical issue in unit tests. 
  Demonstration Github
RAMPAn extension of EvoSuite developed within the STAMP project for Runtime test AMPlification  RAMP Doc. Github

Find more (docs, examples, experiments) in STAMP GitHub github_logo.png. We would love to hear your Ideas and Suggestions