Polyglot Applications and Mutation Testing

Pharo Smalltalk
In your Edge computing, Cloud computing or IoT environment, chances are you're mixing several services written in different languages. 

"Multiple modern architectures are now polyglot, with a different language on the server and the clients, or even different languages among microservices", says Martin Monperrus, Professor at KTH. 

Google, eBay, Twitter, and Amazon are among the big technology companies that have evolved to support a polyglot microservices architecture. "The essence of a polyglot architecture is to delegate the decision over which technology stack and programming languages to use to the service developers", explains Tripta Gupta in her article entitled Analyzing Polyglot Microservices

In STAMP, we focus on Java because it's the #1 language for server-side enterprise applications. However, several mutation testing tools are now centered on popular development languages, including:

  • Infection, a mutation testing tool for PHP
  • MutPy and Mutmut, mutation testing tools for Python
  • Muter, a mutation testing tool for Swift
  • Unima, a mutation testing tool for C# 
  • Stryker Mutator, a mutation testing tool for C#, Scala, JavaScript and Typescript

This list is far from exhaustive. We'd like to ear about your favorite Mutation Testing Tools and your suggestions about STAMP Descartes