Descartes and Elastest Working Together

Patxi Gortázar
Patxi Gortázar, Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Elastest project coordinator, joined the latest STAMP plenary meeting in Madrid last October 9th, 2019.
Elastest is providing observability tools to understand what is going on in the code of a given software when it fails. Stamp tools, on their side, improve the quality of the test cases. Applying STAMP Descartes in a Java project can bring useful insights of the mutants that survive, while ElasTest offers accurate observability tools. Using both open source tools together can provide more information about how a DevOps team is performing on test technologies, including mutation testing and software testing automation.
For more information about this integration, read the Elastest article Amplifiying the value of your tests and check out the demo in the Elastest live instance.