ElasTest and STAMP Collaboration


The ElasTest project latest plenary meeting took place in Madrid, on September the 3rd, 2019. Partners from academia, research institutions and industrial companies are finalizing the project to offer an elastic cloud platform for testing complex distributed large software systems. ElasTest brings observability to the tests using Kubernetes container-orchestration system. The platform services help reducing the time-to-market of software projects, and support developers to perform more complex tests in less time.
For more information, please visit the Elastest project website and the Elastest community website

Running ElasTest and STAMP Tools Together

In the context of this meeting, representatives from the STAMP project have been invited. Both H2020 projects are placed under the ICT-10 "Software Technologies" topic and they are providing interoperable open source software. The STAMP testing tools contribute to detect more bugs in java applications along the CI/CD pipeline. Four STAMP tools are proposed to improve software testing automation to DevOps teams while they are designing, configuring, deploying and running new services into production. 

ElasTest and STAMP project teams are collaborating for several months now. Looking for synergies, they have identified use cases where STAMP services can be deployed in ElasTest. The benefits combined from both project outcomes allow large distributed systems in continuous integration and continuous deployment environments to be tested more often and rapidly.