September 2017 Newsletter

STAMP Newsletter - September 2017


  • Illustrate your test reports

    Check out a new Jenkins pipeline script to automatically attach failing test screenshots to your test reports.

  • Read our Commit Strip

  • Replay STAMP at OW2con'17

    Etienne Sauvage, Engineer at OW2, presented STAMP Testing Amplification at the OW2 annual conference in Orange Innovation Gardens in Paris.



  • 17-24 SEPT. Two scientific papers about Refactoring of Tests and Continuous Integration at ICSME
  • 24-26 OCT. The EclipseCon Europe OW2 booth will host STAMP and other collaborative projects.
  • 06-07 DEC. Join the STAMP project team at the OW2 village at OSS Paris 2017.


DevOps Puts A Huge Emphasis On Test Quality

While DevOps promises to drastically reduce delivery cycles, hasty deployment entails the hazard of propagating a regression bug into production due to lack of sufficient testing. Statement coverage is the most popular metric to determine the adequacy of a test suite. However, this metric is known to be a poor indicator of a test suite's capacity to detect bugs.

At EclipseCon Europe next October, STAMP project coordinator Benoit Baudry will introduce and illustrate the benefits of another metric for test suite quality: the mutation score. Click on the boarding pass above for more on what to expect from STAMP in Ludwisgburg. 

Why adopt a new testing suite? Share our Commit Strip to convince the developers and experts around you to give STAMP a try :)



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