Season's Greetings 2019

Testing Automation Is The Key to Improve
Your Current DevOps Software Quality Efforts


  • Software Quality in DevOps

    In a DevOps team, software quality becomes everyone's business. Don't wait at the dockside: join the STAMP beta testing campaign now!

  • Optimize Your Test Suite 

  • Hands-on Workshop at Inria

    Seize this unique opportunity to thrive and excel in software testing. Attend the STAMP workshop in Sophia-Antipolis with tutorials, 30 January 2019.

Align Stable New Releases in 2019 with DSpot and Descartes 

Improve your knowledge about mutation testing and stand out as a STAMP early user and contributor. Enhance your testing process with open source test amplification: Try the STAMP toolset now!

Large system builders: read the ElasTest white paper

Discover a STAMP related project focused on distributed systems quality, through the ElasTest whitepaper. The cloud-based testing platform architecture is described with its benefits.


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