OW2con'18, 7-8 June 2018, Paris Châtillon

During the OW2 community annual conference, Daniele Gagliardi Engineering Group Technical Manager is talking about STAMP in the DevOps approach.  

Daniele_Gagliardi_ENG.jpgTitle: STAMP or Test Amplification to DevTestOps Service

There is increasing talk of DevTestOps to emphasise that the DevOps promise to release software quickly should not be at the expense of its quality and ultimately of its value. STAMP (Software Testing AMPlification) project can provide you with several powerful test amplification features to be exploited at three different stages in a DevOps process:
    • automatic generation and execution of variants of existing test cases;
    • automatic generation of variants of existing test configurations;
    • automatic generation of test cases from available production logs in order to reproduce and fix any anomaly which may occur.
In this talk I will show you how to use this technology within your production processes in order to increase your software quality.

Daniele Gagliardi (Engineering Group) presentation

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