Brice Morin, SINTEF Senior Research Scientist

CAMP builds a set of Docker images to test multiple configurations


How would you present STAMP? 

Writing rich test suites able to bring a high level of confidence in your software is a costly and time-consuming endeavour. STAMP takes your existing tests and automatically amplify them, to generate more tests, increasing test coverage and reducing the number of regressions.

What is your role in STAMP?

I am involved in Work Package 2, where SINTEF and other partners develop novel techniques for configuration testing, in particular leveraging new and rapidly-adopted technologies such as Docker containers.


What key innovation do you bring or help to develop?

With the rapid adoption of new development paradigm such as microservice architectures, configuration testing is becoming a crucial task within the DevOps process, for example to ensure that containers, typically building on top of third-party base images, can still work whenever the base images is updated. To help with configuration testing, we have developed CAMP, which automatically builds a set of Docker images and configurations from a set of constraints, in order to test the system in multiple configurations.

A word about yourself and your organization

SINTEF is a large, multi-disciplinary and independent research institute. SINTEF Digital is an institute within SINTEF, whose mission is to support and accelerate the digitization of our society. New paradigms such as Cloud Computing and Microservices, are important drivers for digitization, and SINTEF Digital has developed strong experience in Cloud systems, e.g. through FP7 MODAClouds and PaaSage, and microservices through strategic internal projects.