Oct 08 2019

Plenary Meeting in Madrid


Meeting Place: Atos Spain
Address: Calle Albarracín 25, 28037, Madrid, Spain

The Stamp project plenary meeting follows the agenda posted on the project wiki:

Oct 07 2019

JUG meetup in Madrid


Date: October 7, 2019 7PM-9PM
Place: Madrid, Spain López de Hoyos, 35 2nd Floor, Madrid, es

Martin Monperrus, KTH Professor, has been invited at Madrid Java User Group. In his talk, Martin will present Spoon, an open-source library that enables you to transform and analyze Java source code. Spoon provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification. Spoon takes as input source code and produces transformed source code ready to be compiled. It can be integrated in Maven and Gradle. See:

Oct 02 2019

Descartes Webinar with Orange

Date: 2 October 2019
Presenter: Benoit Baudry, KTH Professor
Topic: Descartes Webinar with Orange Software Testing and DevOps team in Grenoble 

With 11 remote participants, this webinar offered the opportunity to present the STAMP toolset and to explain in details to developers, testers and DevOps professionals, the benefits and usage of Descartes. 

Orange is one of the main telecommunication carrier in the world, with a strategy turned towards convergence and innovation.

Find more information in the presentation attached.

Oct 02 2019

STAMP at SAST, Stockholm


Event: SAST Stockholm Oktobertestfest
Date: 2 Oct. 2019
Place: Stockholm, Sweden

During his SAST talk, Martin Monperrus details the STAMP Descartes tool.
Title: AI based tools for QA of software
Speaker: Martin Monperrus, Professor of Software Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The Swedish Association for Software Testing (SAST) was created in 1995, by Anna Eriksson and Sigrid Eldh, to create a forum where the members can exchange experiences and knowledge within software testing. The main idea is to mediate knowledge within software testing as well as the neighbor disciplines. SAST is an association for anyone interested in the testing skill set, and the increasing interest for the area has made the member count increasing. 

More information:

Sep 16 2019

DSpot first implementation in the Pharo Smalltalk ecosystem

Pharo Smalltalk

Title: Test amplification in the Pharo Smalltalk Ecosystem
Authors: Mehrdad Abdi, Henrique Rocha and Serge Demeyer, University of Antwerp
Event: International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies 2019, Cologne 

The STAMP team is glad to announce a brilliant external contribution to DSpot open source test amplification tool, from the University of Antwerp. 

Thanks to Mehrdad Abdi, Henrique Rocha and Serge Demeyer, DSpot is no longer limited to Java applications. The researcher team has successfully replicated the core of DSpot to Smalltalk, developing test amplification in the Pharo environment. The three researchers improved a test suite mutation score, applying DSpot on a simple Bank application with a few methods and test cases. They have learned a lot from there and they are currently fine tuning internal algorithms to scale up to more realistic Smalltalk systems.

Test amplification is the act of strengthening existing unit tests to exercise the boundary conditions of the unit under test. It is an emerging research idea which has been demonstrated to work for Java, relying on the type system to safely transform the code under test. In this paper we report on a feasibility study concerning test amplification in the context of the Smalltalk eco-system. We introduce a proof-of-concept test amplifier named Small-Amp, and discuss the advantages and challenges we encountered while incorporating the tool into the Pharo Smalltalk environment. We demonstrate that by building on top of the Refactoring Browser API, the MuTalk mutation tool, it is feasible to build a test amplifier in Pharo Smalltalk despite the absence of a type system.

Sep 03 2019

Descartes and DSpot Demo Applied to OW2 Joram


OW2 Joram is a JMS-compatible message-oriented middleware.
Thanks to a new Gitlab issue generator extension for Descartes, the Joram team found and solved a critical issue in unit tests.

The OW2 Joram project, as a STAMP use case, reveals:

  • The detection of a critical issue in Joram unit tests, with Descartes (code is removed but the test suite is green - everything "normal"!).
  • The issue is automatically inserted in the Joram Gitlab.
  • Dspot, focused on the issue, generates a test that fixes it.

These tools were really used to detect and fix an issue in Joram: at least, the Descartes + Gitlab issue generation part (the issue was fixed by the Joram team, but without DSpot).

For more information:

Sep 03 2019

ElasTest and STAMP Collaboration


ElasTest and STAMP project teams are collaborating for several months now. Looking for synergies, they have identified use cases where STAMP services can be deployed in ElasTest. The benefits combined from both project outcomes allow large distributed systems in continuous integration and continuous deployment environments to be tested more often and rapidly.

More information and photos

Aug 27 2019

MaLTeSQuE Workshop 2019


Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Date: 27 August 2019
Workshop on Machine Learning Techniques for Software Quality Evolution

Effective Use of AI in Automated Software Testing: Practicality and Scalability Benefits

Speaker: Lionel C. Briand, professor of software engineering at The University of Ottawa, Canada and at The SnT centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust, University of Luxembourg.

Abstract: Testing is the main mechanism used in industry to assess and improve the dependability of software systems. Various techniques from Artificial Intelligence (AI), e.g., evolutionary computing, machine learning, and natural language processing, can lead, if integrated properly, to scalable and practical test automation solutions. This talk covers recent and representative examples of novel applications of AI to software test automation, done in collaboration with industry partners in the satellite and automotive domains. Lessons learned and future research directions will then be discussed.

Aug 26 2019

EASEAI Workshop 2019

Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Date: 26 August 2019
International Workshop on Education through Advanced Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

  • Session Chairs include: Xavier Devroey, Delft University of Technology, (The Netherlands)
  • Co-located with ESEC/FSE 
  • EASEAI Workshop Program:

Using a Learning Robot to Open the Black Box of Artificial Intelligence

Keynote Speaker: Thomas Deneux, Research Enginee in Neurorobotics at CNRS (FR).

Aug 26 2019

A-Test Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia


Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Building: ESEC/FSE 2019 conference centre, Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru väljak 4, Tallinn.
Date: 26-27 August 2019

At Tallinn 10th A-TEST workshop, Martin Monperrus, Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, provides the keynote address including several outcomes of the STAMP Project.
Franck Chauvel (SINTEF) also presents the latest release of CAMP configuration testing tool within the STAMP testing suite.

Co-located with ESEC/FSE, this edition offers popular hands-on sessions where testing tools can be studied in depth. Researchers and software testers from the industry exchange and discuss trending views, ideas, state of the art work in progress, and scientific results on Automated Testing.